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Rob Scalise - Owner villiv

Rob Scalise

Founder / CEO

Performance Analysis

Brand Equity

The villiv name wasn't chosen, it was created. A blank slate that will be defined only by the actions with which it is associated. The promise that this brand represents hard work, ingenuity, trust, and a dedication to being a positive force in this world is the reason the company was created. This is the path designed for villiv and we are just getting started.


We don't use science as a marketing tactic, we use and apply it to help our clients. It's not enough to be consultants, but to be students, teachers, professionals, and skilled practitioners. We have shown proficiency in adapting technologies, skills, and resources to get our clients the results they want across a variety of projects. 

Small Business Initiative

It shouldn't take a corporate budget and a fancy office to access tools to help your company succeed. We know how hard you work and might not have the resources for a fancy consultant. Our service model can be scaled and we take pride in offering cost-efficient services that can be scaled to fit your budget as well. 

We know how much small business's mean to Las Vegas, and our city isn't back until you are.  

villiv offers services for small & medium sized business in the Greater Las Vegas Area. Please don't hesitate to contact us and to see if we can help. 

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