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Rob Scalise

MBA - Human Resources & Marketing. UNLV

MS - Applied Behavior Analysis. Florida Institute of Technology

BS - Psychology / Communications. University of Pittsburgh

Board Certified & Licensed Behavior Analyst

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Commercial Construction & Building Industry

  • Cost saving process redesigns between service & operations, maintenance divisions & accounting functions

  • Revenue generating management structures & tools

  • Safety incentive design & implementation

  • Improving cross-functional communication with increased productivity

  • Specialized coaching on use of job aides, management, tools, and feedback delivery

Small Firms & Establishments Across Industries

  • Development & coaching on building core competencies

  • Key performance indicators development and implementation

  • Utilizing data collection systems and dashboards

  • Program, policy, and strategy development

  • Scheduling systems

  • Utilization of existing software

  • Coaching on development of management systems & process building

  • Coaching on communication and feedback delivery

  • New business development

  • Recruitment and hiring

  • Sales & Marketing initiatives


  • Managing therapists working directly with kids with disabilities

  • Development of treatment plans & parent coaching

  • Development & training of behavior intervention skills


When I was 12 my grandfather was showing me how to create earnings statements on notebook paper for my landscaping business or giving guidance on business plans for a new video game I was drawing up.  I would run around repeating things he would say to me - especially, "How are you going to get from A to B?" 

I've never stopped asking this question.

I've spent years, sweat, and sometimes tears researching, using, and teaching principles from applied behavior science helping so many different people - from C-Suites to foreman to children, understand how to get themselves or their people from A to B. There is so much opportunity to bridge this basic science to real life applications, and it is up to practitioners to package the knowledge in ways that everyone can understand and use. 

I intend to keep doing just that with villiv. For me, it's not just about gaining the knowledge, its what you do with it and how you use it. 


I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, home of the champions., where I met my girlfriend and moved to Orlando for 6 years. We, with my dogs Bear & Turtle, have made our permanent home in Las Vegas. We got married in the Tunnel of Love after 11 years and love the city. If I'm not hiking, camping, or working - you can find me golfing or walking around the beautiful strip.  


I'm always digging into new and exciting opportunities. Including community initiatives, volunteering, and new ventures. Let's meet and have a conversation.


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