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Performance Analysis

Integration of tools from behavior science geared toward helping companies design and implement management systems, processes, and incentives that are beneficial to both their people and their bottom line.

The Tools - Performance Analysis and Goals - Villiv Management Consulting

A pro must master their tools.

See what sets us apart.

The Work Flow. Villiv - Performance Analysis Management Consulting

Adaptive, scalable, value driven - our services can span across company sizes and industries.

Applications - Performance Analysis Consulting - Villiv

Whether its big changes,  improving on success, crisis mode, or you just don't have the time - let us see if we can help.

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The Tools


The driving force behind villiv is applied behavior science. Applied work developed from behavior analysis has made it more accessible, efficient, and useful than ever. It’s not about forcing a fancy theory or testing a grand hypothesis – it’s about following data and finding performance variables unique to an organization and important to the success of the people within it. Research has shown time and again the utility of this science to breakdown causes of behavior and implement changes to influence key relationships in a business. Our skills with this tool help us turn information into actionable results with an eye on efficiency and sustainability.

The Tools


We aren’t constrained by generalized models, cookie-cutter solutions, or flavor of the week fixes. An inductive process geared toward gathering targeted information provides you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions with your people. We don’t just want the what but the how, why, when, and where. If we can’t find data, we will work with you to develop ways to collect objective, efficient information so you know what is working and what isn’t - or which independent variables are effective in your situation. Measuring performance, motivations, and finding variables is our specialty and doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive with the right tools and guidance.


Large or small, red or blue, screens or bricks – each organization is made up of a complex system of human behavior. Visualization of your system provides valuable insight to help organize resources, mobilize your people efficiently, and adapt to outside pressures accordingly. We use a variety of maps and data visualization to provide a blueprint of the variables in front of you, so you can get where you want to be. This tool gives us the capability to work across industries, management styles, and structures.



An organization's most important asset isn't just people, it is people given the opportunities to perform effectively. We can design algorithms to predict markets and revenue like never before, but most companies still struggle with problems related to humans. Human technologies deal in performance by applying knowledge of the variables surrounding your people to create opportunities for them to get the most out of your organization, so you can get the most out of them.

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The Workflow

Every organization is different and so is every project. We take care in providing personalized analysis along every step of the path.

Initial Consult

Time is money, so we want to make sure our services are the right fit for your needs right up front. No charge, no sales tactics, no funny business (maybe some puns).


We don't make guesses and we don't sell 3-step miracles to success. We deal in data. If there isn't any, we find it. This allows us to make informed, customized plans to get results and gets you the information you need to make decisions. 

Action Plan

With sustainability and efficiency at the forefront, our plans lay out a step-by-step process to get you results. We provide the options - you make the decisions. When possible, we provide ROI upfront to give you a full view of the path in front of you.  


You choose the level of involvement and we get to work. Whether you want us to guide your own people or dive into the water with you - our contracts are structured with costs in mind. If we can't produce results, we work until we do or we don't get paid.

The Workflow


  • Employee relations

  • Morale and culture improvement

  • Job and training design

  • Incentive design

  • Management strategy and coaching

  • Policy rollouts and design

  • Training alternatives and efficacy studies

  • Safety initiatives

  • Process improvement

  • Change initiatives

  • Goal and strategy development

  • Management changes and restructuring

  • Acquisitions and buyouts

  • Growth and new market initiatives

Performsnce Analysis
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